Jades Specimens

Some of the best, and most translucent, nephrite in the world comes from Siberia.  Because of severe weather conditions Siberian river jade can only be collected about 2 months of each year.  The Wyoming jades listed on this page are natural specimens carved by natures wind and sand.  The California jades are collected while scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean.

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Jade Naturals:

BOT1:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 3-3/4 pounds, $2,950

BOT2:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 3/4 pound, $1,200

BOT3:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 1-1/2 pounds, $1,950

BOT4:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 8+ ounces, $825

BOT5:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 8+ ounces, $825

BOT5:  Rare Botryoidal jade, 6-3/4 pounds, $2,500

JN8:  Siberian white jade, 1-3/16 pounds, SOLD

JN25:  Siberian jade, Interior color unknown, 12 pounds, $1,200

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JN27:  Siberian green jade, 17 pounds, $1,900

JN28:  California Vulcan Jade, Interior color unknown, ~18pounds, $1,800

JN29:  Siberian green jade, 50 pounds, $2,500

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